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The Centurion Lounge

Terminal 1, Concourse D (inside security) - Open Now

Editor's Note

Find serenity in American Express's luxurious lounge and revel in their signature services. Here you can freshen up in the shower suite, use a conference room for your important meeting, or enjoy quality time with your kids in the family room.

Lounge Amenities

Beer & WineBeer & Wine
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Premium FoodPremium Food
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Conference RoomsConference Rooms
Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals
Children's AreaChildren's Area


This is an amazing lounge that puts the United Club to shame. I wish these types of lounges were everywhere!


Probably the new leader in domestic airport lounges! Good food and drinks with modern/clean design. Also, family friendly! Travel Safely! ~ @travelblawg


The front gate guardians refused my access :( I have an Amex Platinum card, but they don't like the Air Canada connection.


Great lounge, friendly staff and comfortable lighting and amenities.

David Beauchemin

Just a brief early stay. The breakfast buffet was delicious, seating was comfortable, and there was a great kids room (any kid would rate this a 10 out of 10). Kind of small is my only complaint.


The food selection has been great. Each time has allowed me to try something different. Service can be spotty. It's pretty much a help yourself.


Example of how a lounge should be. United could learn a lot... this is more of a European international lounge than any other American lounge. One of the best lounges I've visited in the US for sure.


This is the best lounge in the U .S. After you've been here to enjoy the free food, booze, and comfortable seats, you'll see that the other clubs in Vegas are garbage.


Great lounge that's easily on-par with many international business class lounges.


Contemporary furnishings, full sized food offerings and complimentary top-shelf beverages are all here. Much better than AA Admiral's Clubs, which used to be my gold standard.


This is one of the best domestic lounges: good food, quiet lounge, and nice amenities.


This is a great lounge with a high quality cocktail list, tasty food, and plenty of space to lounge.


Very nice new lounge on D concourse, Terminal 3. Hearty meal options, salads, light snacks and drinks are all complimentary. Getting the bartender's attention was tough. Too busy.


This is fantastic lounge in all aspects. Definitely worth a visit!


Best airport lounge lunch ever. Chicken cacciatore and mushrooms risotto was outstanding.


The best lounge I've ever been to. Impeccable service, litany of lodging options, and probably the best food I've had at an airport lounge. Highly recommend.

cameron white

Great lounge. Definitely worth the stop if you have time before your flight. Try their signature cocktails. Modern, fresh design and decor. Hungry? Checkout the gourmet buffet before your trip.


Excellent lounge. Friendly staff. Great food. Quiet and relaxing the day we were here.


It is a wonderful lounge with great service. It did get filled up rather fast when I was there but it seems to have enough seating for everyone. Will definitely return next time when I am in Vegas.


The new standard for US lounges. The breakfast to lunch transition happens around 1115. Continental breakfast only from 0500 to 0600.


Amazing food so delicious and a really cool Mad Men vibe!


Great lounge with double chaise, little cubbies to hang out in. Tasty food and great beverage options.


Nice place with cute hipster bartenders! Def worth a trip, they keep track of your visits and will comment accordingly! Southwest menu with whole chicken pieces! Definitely more than snacks!


Definitely better than other airline lounges. AmEx has done a great job. Food and drink are excellent. The space is well laid out and the WiFi is fast.


This is the best lounge I've ever visited. It's complete with all that you could ever want in a lounge.


This is by far the best airport lounge I have ever been to. The food was good, the accommodations were comfortable and the staff was very attentive. It really felt like a home away from home.

Matt Youngstrom

Best lounge in the states. Best in LV by a mile.


De los mejores lounge que hemos visitado. Gran servicio, comida de gran calidad, deliciosa y caliente. Cócteles muy bien preparados. Muy cómodo y limpio. Gran personal amable y cálido.


This is a quiet space to get away from the madness at the gates for awhile. You can also enjoy a hot breakfast, dinner, and open bar here.


Too expensive for what you get-agent said "gourmet supper buffet." Hardly. Soup and pasta tasted like from can; sandwiches marginal. Might be of value if you drink booze (incl) but otherwise pass.


Best lounge in the USA, hands down.


Best in the west. Food is really very good. Cleanest rest rooms in McCarran.


Excellent service from staff. Very clean area and great food. I loved the pancakes!


Quet, clean, great food and drink.


This is an outstanding domestic club that offers premium alcohol, buffet, fast internet, good seating, and attentive snack. If you're flying out in Terminal D, this is the ideal lounge for you.


Amex has taken many of the best qualities of world-class international lounges when they built the Centurion Lounge in McCarren Airport Terminal 1 (opposite gate D1). Very good food & bar options.


Great cookies, temporarily out of Diet Coke but got it pretty soon.

Martin Kovalsky

This lounge is great! Lots of space with comfy chairs, big selection of good meals. And the bar is amazing! Great selection of handcrafted cocktails and the bartender is very nice and knowledgable!


Fantastic cocktail menu. Good food selection. Comfortable seating. Check in staff were superb. Best lounge in North America in my opinion! Just amazing.


Overall excellent atmosphere and options. My main complaint is their hours. Not open past 11 if you have a late flight, and full food service cuts off earlier, and starts later than their open.


The only domestic lounge that I've been to that rivals International Lounges. Delicious hot food, premium cocktails, and swanky atmosphere. Only Centurion cardholders get Veuve Cliquot/Johnny Blue.


Centurion is always nice and pretty but this place was disgustingly crowded. Added to that was a snobby bartender with short attention span and it was less than enjoyable. Great if not too crowded.


Though this is a great lounge, the service was not as good as what I normally receive at other lounges. Perhaps it was short-staffed when I was there.


Great lounge! Clean. Great service. Full bar. Great food.


Great lounge... I've been flying through Las Vegas lately. The Centurion lounge has been a great place to relax.


This lounge has friendly service, and great alcohol.


Great service and good food with a great selection of drinks.


Best major airport lounge available with comfortable spaces to relax, hot meals and full-service bar with premium spirits.

Jonathan Harmon

Nice lounge, great food, comfortable atmosphere, but the two most recent drop-ins for me were not great simply because there were too many people. Could barely find a place to sit.


This is the standard that all domestic lounges should strive for. Great food options, spacious, variety of seating choices and artisan cocktails.


Please Amex! Put these in more airports! So worth the platinum card fee! Great design, friendly and smart staff, and AMAZING lunch buffet! And there are quiet corners to get away from the noise...

Anne Sellers

The family room is small, but it's very clean and sound-proof. The food and staff are both excellent as well.


This is the best airport lounge I have ever been to anywhere in the world. It's comfortable, great for getting work done, amenities are perfect and service is great. And great design as well :)

Graham Clark

One of the best domestic lounges available in the US. Excellent hot food and complimentary bar with top shelf liquor, beer and wine. Espresso machine, computers, kids room and shower suite available.


Best food you'll find in a domestic lounge, WiFi was reliable and plenty of seating with power outlets.


A nice change of pace from the Admirals Club. Great service, food and beverages.


Way way too crowded most of the time but good service and decent food.


My first Centurion lounge experience. I will be back. Great space to unwind before a flight.

Nick Serati

Great lounge and drinks. It was crowded when I went, but it's still a great lounge.


This lounge has an awesome space and service.


One of the better lounges you will find anywhere, excellent hot breakfast. Note - even though this is listed as Terminal 1, we got here after checking in at Terminal 3 for a flight in Concourse D.


Outstanding lounges!!! They even got sofa bed for tired travelers!!! Definitely will revisit this place.


I do like people, but there are now so many people when I come here that it's no longer quiet and relaxing compared to being in rest of airport.


This Amex lounge is good. However, I have been to one at SEA and I felt the food offerings were a little better there. This lounge can get crowded, but that is because it is a good place.


One of my favorite lounges worldwide.


Nice lounge but incredibly crowded. Struggled to find a seat. Staff was nice but given the crowds ( including several large families) it doesn't feel exclusive.


Fantastic but VERY busy at times. The beef short ribs are to die for (when they have them - the menu changes) and the drinks are excellent. The shower is top notch too.


I've been to this lounge twice. It was crowded both times, and quite a mess. Dirty dishes everywhere. Food subpar. A far cry from the SFO lounge.


Was a trek from B concourse, but delayed flight made it worth a shot. Not too crowded, food was meh. Love the mid century furniture and service at the bar was excellent.


Amazing! Loved the food and the kindness of the staff. Bathrooms were the cleanest and sleekest I've ever seen in an airport lounge!


Beautiful space, great lounge experience.


Only complaint is lack of power outlets, otherwise great even though quite crowded on a Sunday afternoon.


Fantastic lounge. Reminds me of the best Int'l lounges I've been to in Europe. Great food and drinks. Very comfortable and very accommodating for getting some work done. Lots of charging outlets!


An oasis in the desert. The Centurion Lounge offers a strong complimentary wine and alcohol selection, semi-private spaces and well above average food.


Though this lounge can feel crowded at times, this is a wonderful, clean lounge. The service is fantastic, and there's a great selection of food and drink.


Super lux lounge! Very comfortable!


Outstanding Lounge, great food and top-shelf drinks, the service and staff were awesome!

Michael Leiber

Great option for Air Canada flyers. Good food and open bar. Great service but can be crowded.

Daniel Colquhoun

I love the hot breakfast here. Nice little lounge.


Outstanding lounge! One of the best I have visited. Staff great & best food. The breakfast & their signature pancakes & waffles are awesome! Try the Bloody Mary with Gin (not Vodka).


Best lounge at LAS. Free premium liquor, like Belvedere and Grey Goose, included. Extensive variety of cold and hot entrees and desserts. Amex Platinum and Centurion cardholders admitted free.


Food was pretty good for a lounge, and the bartenders were very good and fast. Very relaxing atmosphere. Great job AMEX!


The drinks are great! Sometimes a bit crowded, but always appreciated before or after a long flight. My family loves it too (my son disappears to the kids room to play video games).


Very crowded at 1:30pm Wednesday. Food excellent (except for the carrot soup). Bartender friendly and efficient. Great place!


Fried chicken was too mushy. Yelp review was misleading. Other food was decent and worth it. Alcoholic beverages were nice. Staff was good. Just missing a bit to notch 4 stars but very worth it.


Bartenders and drinks are great. Staff is very nice. Food is hit or miss but generally pretty good. Breakfast is their best meal of the day...Lots of comfortable seating.


Incredible lounge: great service, gourmet food, relaxing ambiance, multitude of oulets, and blazing fast WiFi.


Sit and relax in the many chairs that are in this lounge! The staff is extremely polite as well.


I have a soft spot for this lounge as it was my first Centurion, and I like this one best. Spacious, calm, great food, makes LAS dreamy.


Good selection of food, excellent cocktails. I especially recommend the Airmail.


In my experience with lounges, this is the best lounge by far. Incredible place with great offerings.


This is a very cool space. Real, interesting, hot food, not just cheese, crackers and nuts like most airport lounges. Proper cocktails too.


This lounge was modern and comfortable. Full bar and delicious buffet. Staff was very helpful and friendly.


What an exceptional, clean lounge! The service, drinks, and food were all great. I was really sad to leave this lounge!


I am truly impressed with this United Club, and I hope to see this standard everywhere I go. Definitely worth the membership fee.


Great food & drink, well staffed, quiet and comfortable. A nice airport oasis.


Nowhere to sit yet they kept allowing people in. Trash on tables on tables. If it is that crowded, they should be making sure tables are getting cleaned and chairs are being utilized effectively.


One of the best US lounges available. Comfortable and friendly.

Mark Leipold

One of the best clubs in the US. The service is always perfect.


So tired of the espresso machine being out of order and the coffee they provide being watered down to the point of being see through. Not the service I expect for my annual fee.


Quiet, clean space. Food was better than expected, but not the best. Booze was quality and Internet was fast.


Great spread, drinks and just what I needed too.....phenomenal service and a great place to relax and recharge.

Donovan Alcantara

Great lounge with good food and alcohol. Showers as well.


Simply the best, best food, best drinks, best service!


Good food and drinks. Spacious. Could have been cleaner. Crumbs on floor for example.


Amazing lounge. Great bar, good food and nice view of the ramp. Fantastic place to spend some time before your flight.


Solid lounge with good hot food.


This is an excellent lounge. It's clean, and not crowded.


This is a great lounge that's convenient for any traveler.


Just finished up a brief early morning visit to this lounge. Great breakfast. Staff as nice as can be. Love it.


Great lounge, my favorite Centurion out of all of them even though they don't have spa area. The food is great and service is excellent.


Hip, modern design with great service, happy staff, excellent food and beverage!! Worth a longer walk if that is a factor in your choosing.


Outstanding, unmatched. Great food, great beverage selection, great service, and great space. Oasis from busy LAS terminals. Worth out-of-pocket entrance fee if staying more than 2 hours.

Nicolas C.

Beautiful lounge. Very busy during my visit (CES was in town) but staff was very friendly and efficient at working the large crowd. High quality food and drinks and always plenty of it.


The seating is great and the food is clearly better than most other clubs. That said, the fruit was poorly trimmed and the eggs were dry. For a club of this caliber, I expected more.

Joyce Gioia Herman

High end buffet + well crafted cocktail. Exceeds any lounge I've been to in US or Asia.


Good lounge with great food and friendly/helpful service.


One of the best lounges I have been to in the US. Always try to arrive to the airport early to relax here before my flight.


No real breakfast until 6am even thought it opens at 5am.

Louis Y.

US travelers are funny thinking this is the best in the world! Seems like they never left their backyard. These are a one star or less compared to lounges around the world like China, Japan, Middle East etc..


Great lounge with excellent food and drink options. Food is self serve and you must go to the bar. It's a busy place but seating is consistently available (not always your preferred seating however).


Good lounge, decent food and good service.


The food was amazing, I had dinner there! Also the iced tea was tasty as well! A must to stop by when at LAS.


This is a very quiet, luxurious lounge. The breakfast is delicious and the coffee is good and strong.

Christian Ratliff

The best of the Centurion lounges I’ve visited. Probably the fact that it wasn’t too crowded helped my impression.

Luis F Novoa

LAS: McCarran International Airport

Terminal 1, Concourse D (inside security)

Concourse D, across from Gate D1

Show travel time from other terminals

Entry Cost

No Walk Up Entry.

Opening Hours

monday:5:00am - 11:00pm
tuesday:5:00am - 11:00pm
wednesday:5:00am - 11:00pm
thursday:5:00am - 11:00pm
friday:5:00am - 11:00pm
saturday:5:00am - 11:00pm
sunday:5:00am - 11:00pm
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